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Microwave Hacks For Easier Microwave Use – Infographic

December 19, 2014

Microwave HacksIt was not long back that I had my first encounter with a microwave. Maybe about 5-6 years.. But until about a couple of years back, the only real use that I had with my microwave was to heat the left over food. And for me, that job it did amazingly well.

I never even dared to try doing anything else with my microwave. You may attribute it partially to the fact that I did not know what else I could do and then also to the fact that I was afraid of it as if it would turn into a monster if I ever tried anything else with it.

It was only about 2 years back, that I experimented with baking something in my oven. It turned out to be a disaster because what I baked became as solid as a rock and the only thing I felt I could do with it was to dump it into the dustbin. So after that the oven went back to its old routine of heating things until I gathered the courage to experiment with it again.

Microwave Hacks for Everyday Life

I was sent this nice little infographic on microwave hacks, by one of my friend and it just plainly appealed to me. This was something that would have helped me when I first started using a microwave. That gave me a reason to share it with you all because I am sure 75% of the microwave hacks that you will read in this infographic will be something that even you were not aware off, unless you are a super microwaver..(wrong usage of English, I know)

Some of the things like the tips to cleaning the oven, simplifying some daily chores and some nifty little hacks like the one with garlics are something that you will find very handy, as much as I did.

These microwave hacks cover a lot of aspects about using a microwave and hence is one essential handout that you can keep with you. You might want to take a print out of it for handy reference.

So read on, enjoy and share if you think someone you know will benefit from this.
microwave hacks
Source: PartSelect.com


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