The Business Blogging Podcast With the Tastes of India – New Launch

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Written by Puja

The Business Blogging Podcast with The Tastes of India will teach you the basics of Business Blogging and help you start a Blogging Business from scratch.

business blogging podcast

What has “business blogging” got to do with a “Recipe Blog”?

If that is the first question that comes to your mind, then I am sure you need to read on. Else just click over to listen to the podcast and start your journey with Business Blogging.

So, first things first. This recipe blog has everything to do with business blogging because this “recipe blog” is one of the links in our “Business plan” and is being run as a business.

If that statement came as a shocker to you, then you are the perfect fit to read this post and listen to the podcast.

Most blogs out there are run as part of a business plan and they make money from them. In fact, that is why almost 80% of people start blogging.

Does that mean every blog on the internet make money?

Not really. Statistics prove that almost 95% of blogs fail and drop off the internet. Only the remaining 5% make real money and become businesses.

That brings us to the next question.

What is it that these 5% bloggers did differently that they became successful and the other 95% failed?

Great! Now we have you asking questions.

Understanding and learning this secret of the 5% of bloggers is the very objective of this podcast.

The Business Blogging Podcast – Why?

We get a lot of emails every week from people who wanted to know “How to start a blog and make money from it“. In fact, we have a complete segment of email subscribers who joined us only to learn more about blogging.

Something that we realized was that a lot of these subscribers are from outside India. And their understanding about this entire concept of blogging was at a different level that of the people in India.

Almost all of the questions that we received from our fellow Indians were more on some of the basics of blogging, which meant that we needed a slightly more detailed discussion on this entire piece.

That made us think of starting a podcast about blogging and blogging as a business.

And the decision to start this as part of “The Tastes of India podcast”, was a strategic one.

We had initially thought of starting this as another podcast. But then that would mean that we will have to ask our listeners of the TOI podcast to click over to another podcast to know more about blogging.

Considering that we were getting questions from our TOI podcast listeners and TOI blog readers, it made more sense to start this as part of our existing interactions and then separate it at a later point, once we have an established listener base.

Wouldn’t that mean that we are eating into our existing recipe podcast slots?

Not really. Because we are launching this podcast segment as an add-on and will broadcast it on every alternate Thursdays, starting this one.

So that means there will be 2 podcasts in every alternate week – The Mondays will be for Recipe podcasts and Thursdays for the Business Blogging Podcast.

What’s the Content in the Business Blogging Podcast

We are planning to keep the business blogging podcast, pretty simple. The plan is to educate and teach you all, who are aspiring to start a blog and run it as a business, with how to do just that.

And we are planning to do this in 3 ways –

1). Take up your questions and answer them in the simplest way possible (You can send them in using the “Contact Us” option here on the blog)
2). Share blogging tips, tricks and basics along with an action plan so that you can implement it
3). Interview successful bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters etc. who have turned their passion into a business (You can also send in your recommendations for people you would like us to interview)

If you are an aspiring blogger or, podcaster and want to know how to start a blog or, a podcast and run it as a full-time business, then I am sure you will find our Business Blogging Podcast interesting.

Because we will be covering everything from the absolute basics like setting up a blog, choosing a domain name etc. to the most advanced strategies in Search Engine Optimization and Social media management.

So fasten your seat belts and get ready for take-off.

Do take some time out and tell us what you think about our new initiative, by commenting below. We would love to hear from you. 🙂

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I love working from home and the benefits that come from it and that is why I started this blog where I document all my adventures with cooking.
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