The 5 Must Haves in a Bachelor’s Kitchen for a Comfortable Cooking Experience

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Written by Puja

A bachelor’s kitchen, you might be wondering!

Across the globe and over the centuries, men have proven their prowess in the kitchen!

Celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay, Guy Feri, and our very own Sanjeev Kapoor are examples of some who have made it big in the culinary world.

It is, therefore, safe to say that kitchen is no longer a woman’s domain, as men are taking similar interest in cooking.

While some men have a genuine interest in food, others don the chef’s hat more out of sheer necessity.

Yes, we are referring to the bachelors who live alone in the major cities. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you cannot rely on taking away meals forever. You should know at least a few basic dishes that will fill your stomach and is also nutritious.

But first, it is important to equip your kitchen with necessary equipment. To help you in that direction, we have put together a list of essential items that are necessities for a bachelor pad.

5 Must Haves in a Bachelor’s Kitchen

Here are 5 of my recommendation that a bachelor’s kitchen should absolutely have. These are some of the essentials for cooking and can make your cooking experience in your kitchen really comfortable and enjoyable.

Do keep in mind that while these are some essentials, they are not really the only things that you should have in a bachelor’s kitchen.

Invest in a Knife Set

knife set

A kitchen without a good chef’s knife is like a laptop without the internet. It is a must-have tool for every kitchen.

Therefore, invest in a good knife set. A knife set comes with a range of knives each designed to serve a particular purpose. For example, a serrated knife is used to slice bread while a paring knife is used to cut poultry and raw meat.

The knife set will be your perfect partner and will assist you to whip-up various types of delicious meals in no time.

Water cooler/water purifier

water purifier

Most bachelors, instead of installing a water purifier at home, buy large bottles of mineral water from their local grocery store. This arrangement not only works out to be expensive, but one is also not sure about the purity of water.

Having access to pure and clean water at home is imperative. It protects one’s health against all kinds of illnesses. Therefore, buy a water purifier for a home that is propelled by RO technology. RO water purifier is a technologically advanced water filter that eliminates harmful contaminants, bacteria, chlorine, and heavy metals.

There are several water purifiers available in the market, but one particular brand that tops the list is Kent. Built with advanced and patent Mineral RO technology, Kent water purifiers for home will give you the purest water for a healthy life, you can go for the celebrated KENT Grand water purifier.

The purification process involves a double purification system of RO + UV + UF. The appliance also comes with an adjustable TDS controller that retains essential nutrients in the water. Thus, the water dispensed out of Kent RO is not just clean and pristine but is also superior in taste.

A Skillet for all Your Curries


For all kind of Indian cooking, investing in a skillet is a must. A skillet is a deep bottom pan in which you can prepare all kinds of vegetables, eggs, curries, fried rice, etc.

There are different kinds of skillets available in the market. You can buy one with a non-stick coating that will allow you to prepare meals with a little oil.

The non- stick skillets are very light and easy to clean and store.

Conversely, the thick bottomed iron skillet is another variant that you will find. Iron skillet or kadhai is the best fit for Indian cooking, especially for tough meat like a lamb.

Chopping Boards for Your Chopping Needs

cutting board

Buying a chopping board may seem like an unnecessary expense, however, hold your thought. The chopping board is one of the essential kitchen items.

Using a chopping board to cut veggies is very sanitary, as opposed to using the kitchen counter which is exposed to a lot of germs.

It also increases efficiency in the kitchen and makes the tedious task of chopping vegetables easy.

Every kitchen should have at least two separate chopping boards, one for processing fruits and vegetables and the other for meat and animal products.

Crock-Pot for Worry Free Cooking


Finally, this one is an absolute must for a bachelor kitchen. Not always one has the time to prepare an elaborate meal, and sometimes you want a quick way out. Here’s when a crock-pot comes to your rescue.

Crock-pot or a slow cooker is an ideal cookware for those who are new to cooking. It is best for preparing one-pot meals. All one needs to do is throw in some oil, chopped vegetables, rice or grain, spices, and water. Post that, just cover the lid and let the food cook slowly. You don’t have to worry about the food getting burnt.

You also don’t have to stir or keep checking the vessel. Just carry on with your schedule, while the food is getting prepared. Food prepared in a crock-pot is also full of flavor because it involves a slow cooking process.

Over to You

Are there any other essentials, that you think should be a part of a bachelor’s kitchen?

Comment below and let us know and we will include them in the post.

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