Must-Try Tasty Paneer Recipes for Every Paneer Lover

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Explore tasty paneer recipes for snacks and meals, perfect for any time of day. Quick to make and always delicious.

I know this post is going to be helpful for those who are vegetarians like me and also a person who just jumps on for the dishes, that have lots of paneer. 🙂

In this blog post, you will find Eleven tasty paneer recipes, which you can try making at home.

These recipes are really simple to make, if all the prep work is done, and trust me they are delicious.

They are also perfect for any season. Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy meal, snacks, or something to enjoy as a tea-time snack, we’ve got you covered.

So what are you waiting for?

Try our easy and delicious recipes of paneer for your next meal!

Tasty Paneer Recipes

Collection of Recipes of Paneer:

Here are our tasty paneer recipes for you to try this Week!!!

Spicy Paneer Burrito

Spicy Paneer Burrito Recipe is a wrap filled with flavoured Indian Cottage cheese, rice mix, homemade sour cream, and salsa. These burritos stuffed with paneer can also be packed for kid’s lunch boxes.
Check out this recipe

Paneer Pakoda Recipe

Paneer Pakoda Recipe is a very tasty appetizer and a perfect teatime snack. This recipe is very simple and easy to make. It’s a perfect and easy starter idea when you have some guests for lunch or dinner.
Check out this recipe
Paneer pakoda

Veg Tacos Recipe – Paneer Corn Hard Taco Shells Recipe

This Crunchy Veg Tacos Recipe is a traditional Mexican Recipe made of corn tortilla, stuffed with different types of filling. Tacos are a famous Mexican Street Food, which is now also famous around the world.
Check out this recipe

Paneer Wrap Recipe

Paneer Wrap Recipe is a combination of Tortillas stuffed with crispy and crunchy paneer, onion, lettuce and mayonnaise.
Check out this recipe
paneer wrap

Wheat Based Paneer Roll Recipe

Paneer roll recipe is made with wheat-based paratha, layered with paneer stuffing. This is is good to pack for a kid’s lunch box recipe.
Check out this recipe
paneer roll

Palak Paneer Recipe

Palak Paneer Recipe is a healthy nutritious and delicious recipe from North India. This creamy spinach recipe with paneer cubes in it tastes yummy with most Indian bread and rice.
Check out this recipe
palak paneer

Matar Paneer Recipe

Matar Paneer Recipe is a tasty Indian curry recipe made using Cottage Cheese and Green Peas. It goes really well along with roti, paratha, puri, plain rice, pulao and naan.
Check out this recipe
matar paneer recipe


Kadai Paneer Recipe is made with cottage cheese and bell pepper, cooked in a spicy onion tomato gravy flavored with some roasted and powdered Indian Spices.
Check out this recipe
kadai paneer recipe

Creamy Paneer Gravy

The creamy paneer gravy recipe is a very simple and easy-to-make recipe. It tastes great along with any Indian flatbread like roti, paratha, or naan.
Check out this recipe
paneer gravy

Paneer Parantha

Check out this recipe
paneer parantha

Paneer Butter Fry Recipe – Butter Fried Cottage Cheese

Check out this recipe
Paneer Butter Fry

Burrito Recipe

The Indian Style Vegetarian Burrito Recipe is a complete and wholesome meal on their own, stuffed with kidney beans, vegetable paneer rice, sour cream, salsa, and some salads.
Check out this recipe
burrito recipe

Best Dominos Style Recipe of Cheese Burst Pizza from Scratch

This recipe of cheese burst pizza will help you to make the best Dominos Style cheese burst pizza from scratch. These Cheese Burst Pizzas have a cheese explosion inside the crust, with bite-sized chunks of cheese being released with every bite, which just makes it heavenly.
Check out this recipe

Homemade Cheese Burst Pizza Recipe

Homemade Cheese Burst Pizza Recipe is a cheesy double-layered pizza made in a Kadai without yeast. This pizza is liked by people who love a lot of cheese in their pizzas.
Check out this recipe
homemade cheese burst pizza recipe

Korean Cream Cheese Garlic Bread

The Korean Paneer Garlic Cheese Bun is a tasty fusion snack that combines creamy Indian paneer and garlic butter in a fluffy bun.
Check out this recipe
korean garlic bread

We hope you enjoy these recipes! Bon appetit!

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Looking for more tasty recipes? Check out our blog for more easy, delicious, and healthy recipes that are perfect for any night of the week. We’ve got you covered!

Happy cooking!

Do you have a favorite paneer recipe? Let us know in the comments below! We’re always looking for new recipes to try.

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