"Anybody Can Make Donuts"! Homemade Donuts Recipe? Not that you would have thought that you cannot. At least in India, making Donuts seems like a daunting task especially because of the time it takes and also the messing around with dough, yeast etc. I still remember the first time I had donuts at one of… Read More

ice cream

Does it happen ever to you that you are left with lots and lots of sweets and you cannot finish those all even in two or three days? And if you don't do it, it might just get stale. It has happened to me so many times, mostly during festivals when we get lots of… Read More


The last few days were celebration time here at my home. It was Onam and it was a couple of days of tasty food. In fact many of them. And after 2 days of enjoyment, Onam is over and everybody is back to their normal lives. The entire last week I was extremely busy planning… Read More

Chocolate coconut laddoo

My hubby and my daughter both are fond of chocolates, they love anything which has chocolate. Last night after dinner they were searching for chocolates they had kept in the fridge some time back, but they could not find one. No prizes for guessing.. It was me who finished that. I felt very bad when… Read More


If you are a Punjabi, then this is not new for you. Punjab is known for its “Makke ki Roti”, “Sarson da Saag” and “Punjabi Sweet Lassi”. And if you have had this meal, then you would agree that nothing compares to it. This is something that I have desperately missed since I moved from… Read More

imli chutney

Think sour and Tamarind is the first thing that appears in an Indian Cook’s mind. And probably that is why a wide variety of Tamarind chutney find their way onto an Indian “Thali”, irrespective of which part of the country that Thali belongs to. Every “Bhoj” in Bihar to every “Sadya” in Kerala, Tamarind chutney… Read More

smoothie recipe

I and my daughter, both of us are absolute fans of Smoothies and it’s been some time that I have been thinking of posting some of the recipes. There are a few smoothies that I make very frequently and I am sure a lot of you will love those. I will be posting the recipe… Read More


It was a Saturday night. We usually have this habit of sleeping late on Weekends. And our daughter has also taken to that schedule. We never discouraged her from sleeping late on the weekends, because that gave us some additional time that we could spend with her. Otherwise, the entire week is a hustle to… Read More

monetizing food blog

Hey this is DK here. One of the questions that we, very frequently get asked is, "How much money are you making from your blog"? I am sure this is a question you too would have if you are thinking of starting a food blog or, if you are already running one for some time… Read More

musk melon lassi

A hot summer morning, you are back from a sweating jogging session and if you are served with a cool musk melon Smoothie. How would you feel? If it was me, I would feel out of the world. The aromatic, refreshingly rich flavor of muskmelon along with curd is a combination like none other. The… Read More