bael ka sharbat

During the last 25 odd days that I spent at my hometown, one thing that I had the most was bael ka sharbat. The bel fruit is also called as wood apple or, elephant apple. Funny names, I know. Why it is called so? The answer is simple. Bel fruit had a very hard and… Read More

mother's day

First of all, let me wish all my readers a very happy Mother's day. It is always a great feeling to be with your mom and at the moment, I am experiencing it. It's been almost an year and half that I got a chance to visit my hometown and spend some time with my… Read More


Who says noodles is not Indian? Or, it could have been inspired by some Chinese traveler who had traveled to India long ago. If you are wondering, what is it that I am talking about, then let me clear the air and tell you about today’s recipe. It is called Noolappam (“Nool” means “thread” in… Read More


At times it sounds so funny when you and somebody from the other side of your country are discussing about food and both of you start talking about one of those favorites of yours, only to find out after about 15 minutes of discussion that the two are the same except that they are called… Read More

momos chutney

Its been a while that I have posted any recipes onto the blog, since I was out of my office. Today I am posting a recipe video of Momos Chutney which was there in my draft. This recipe is very simple and easy to make. Momos are incomplete without this tangy and spicy chutney. This… Read More

Fixing a hacked wordpress site

If you have been a regular visitor to our blog here, you would have noticed that we went offline for a few days. And a couple of days before that you would have noticed that the page load speed was strangely high. You might even have come across some weird characters, texts and banners on… Read More


Continuing on with my last recipe, the recipe for today is another Lobia recipe that I am calling "Tangy lobia curry". I like lobia a lot and because of its nutritional value, it is also a very healthy option for your lunch and dinner. And the best part about this lobia curry recipe is that… Read More

It’s been almost a week that I wrote a post here. While my commitment to myself was that I will write a post every other day, commitments are at times impacted because of unforeseen circumstances. And the circumstance here was a hacking attack on my website. This is the 2 such attack in less than… Read More

benefits of honey

Last week was a little tough for us as parents. Our little daughter fell ill and developed a cough. Usually the days when you little ones fall ill, are very tough on the parents. More than anything else, it is the misery that you see your kid in that hurts you the most. And if… Read More

dal paratha

Stuffed Chana Dal Paratha also known as Bikanare Paratha is basically an Indian Flat Bread stuffed with protein rich lentils and spices. This recipe can be served for breakfast and can also be packed for kids lunch. It is basically a power packed recipe which keeps you energized all the day. This paratha is similar… Read More